Virtual idea management and incubation

Simply Do Ideas is an online platform supporting the development and growth of early-stage business ideas.

It's designed to complement your existing enterprise support team as well as providing tools for use in curriculum, for competitions, and events.

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Are you an individual wanting to manage your own ideas?
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Startup Support

Learn the skills and understand the processes required in starting a new business.

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Enterprise Education

Use Simply Do Ideas as part of curriculum (business or non-business) and outside curriculum (events, workshops) with the aim of promoting enterprise and employability.

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  • Engaging learning experience Users are tricked into learning about enterprise and business.
  • Easy management See useful data at a glance, and easily manage users and ideas remotely.
  • Seamlessly communicate ideas Simply Do Ideas supports users through the capture, test, develop, and pitch process. It's great for pitching ideas for competitions & events.

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