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The Online platform

Our web-app enables new entrepreneurs to fully and safely test out their ideas. Users are encouraged to use images and videos to build beautiful pitches, which they can work on individually or in teams.

Save Staff Time and Resources

Our clever technology allows 24/7 multi-device access providing significantly wider geographical reach and greater accessibility. We provide lots of utilities to enable staff to interact with users and keep track of what's going on in their organisation.

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The Concept Canvas

The Concept Canvas enables a more 'hands-on' approach, allowing individuals and groups to quickly capture and iterate their ideas.

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We've created a brochure that you can download and use or pass on to others. The brochure explains a little more about our motivations and the key ways in which we help support educators and learners through enterprise and entrepreneurial teaching.

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If you'd like us to send you a printed copy of our brochure then please get in touch.

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