Simplified idea management

For enterprise teaching, supporting startups and encouraging innovation

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For Enterprise Teaching

Use Simply Do Ideas as part of curriculum (business or non-business) and outside curriculum (events, workshops) with the aim of promoting enterprise and employability.

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For Supporting Startups

Use Simply Do Ideas for setting-up your own virtual business incubator; providing local and remote support to budding entrepreneurs as they strategise their businesses.

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For Encouraging Innovation

Use Simply Do Ideas to easily and quickly capture the innovative thoughts and ideas of those in and around your organisation. Make your co-worker's opinions valued.

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  • Engaging experienceUsers are supported to develop an early-stage business plan.
  • Easy managementSee useful data at a glance, and easily manage users and ideas remotely.
  • Seamlessly communicate ideasUsers are provided a digital space to capture, develop and share ideas

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