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Digital Festival 2018

By Lydia Hutton on May 24th, 2018

Hosted by Innovation Point, and held just down the road from our office in the fantastic Wales Millennium Centre, our team did not want to miss the opportunity to be involved.

The festival was fast paced, South Wales is a great place to be in business!

CEO, Lee Sharma was invited to join two panels and was warmly welcomed to both (EdTech: Opportunities for all, and Digital Technologies impacts on the future of work and skills), where he shared his personal experience of working within education and the transition to owning his own tech company. If you attended either session and have a question for Lee which wasn’t covered during the Q&A, please do get in touch.

The purpose of the festival is to showcase how industries on the whole are changing, and the emerging technologies which are increasingly disrupting how we work. We were involved in some really interesting discussions including the use of blockchain, of artificial intelligence (AI); virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) in education and big data/digital identity… there really was a lot happening!

While there is an argument to be had surrounding digital skills and the workforce, the need to bridge the gap in digital skills for all, we couldn’t help but notice how innovative thinking is the driving force underpinning all of these technological advances.

Innovation doesn’t have to take the shape of cutting edge say, AI or VR technology, and research and development doesn’t have to be assigned a huge budget, team or specialism. It’s great when it does and the results can vastly improve your company positioning, but for many, in its simplest form, innovation is changing the way we do things, to be more efficient and more effective.

Digital technologies are changing how we (as a society) work across all sectors, yet we speak to many companies who are unsure of what innovation means for them, how to create a culture of innovation and what tools to use to help them innovate.

Companies have a wealth of resources in their own communities, from employees across all departments, to suppliers, customers, and even those in wider external networks. Sometimes the smallest of ideas can have the biggest impact on your bottom line, you just need to use the right tool to unlock those ideas. At a recent networking meeting, Alex Currie, HR Director at GoCompare put it quite simply, “If you don’t innovate, you fall behind”.

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