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Enable your students to get better at generating ideas of value by developing the skills they need to make ideas happen

Connect your students to our innovation marketplace

Enhance your student experience
Drive links with local business
Increase student and staff engagement
Embed enterprise education in the curriculum

Innovation opportunities for your students

By simplifying innovation and linking your students to open innovation challenges, we’re revolutionising the way your students can interact with businesses, whilst gaining real life work experience.

The platform is low impact on staff time and simple to use, with easy access across devices, it de-risks their innovation journey and brings peace of mind for your staff knowing ideas are being submitted in a secure manner.


Provide a safe place to explore, develop and test early stage ideas

Following a robust academic framework*, you can capture, test and develop entrepreneurial ideas through a dynamic, iterative process incorporating imagery and video.

Users on our cloud-based platform avoid the time, cost, and risks associated with outdated, complex systems when developing early-stage ideas. In addition, in-app user support and messaging functions means students can be self-supported through their innovation journey.

*Teaching resources are also available for download to further your enterprise educating including our Concept Canvas, Concept Sheets, and QAA maping.


Sign up students
Challenges proposed
Students submit solution
Solution implemented

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