Simply Do Ideas for
enterprise teaching
& employability

Equipping individuals with an enhanced capacity to generate ideas and the skills to make them happen.

Our students have all of the information that they need because the Simply Do Ideas platform has forced them into looking at the different aspects of a business idea.Christine Bissex, Head of Enterprise,
Merthyr Tydfil College
Simply Do Ideas has given our students the opportunity to approach enterprise activites in a fun, visual and creative way, which in turn helps to develop confidence and creative problem-solving skills.Rachel Jowett, Business Studies & IT,
Howell's School, Cardiff

Independent academic evaluation

We've been independently mapped against the QAA Guidelines for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education and against the EntreComp framework. Applications of Simply Do Ideas have also been showcased at the ISBE international conference.

Makes teaching enterprise easy

Simply Do Ideas is designed to make teaching enterprise and entrepreurship easy, following a well-structured, researched approach that can easily be embedded in curriculum - either business-related or otherwise.

Engaging learning experience

Whilst academically rigorous, the process is enjoyable and engaging. Users can take advantage of their creativity to create visually-appealing pitches using a combination of text, images, and videos, and our social media integrations (Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr) make this even easier.

Fully flexible

Your use of Simply Do Ideas does not need to stop at curriculum - it also works great for pitching events, idea 'hackdays', and anything else related to enterprise. We have lots of resources to help you with these if you need them.

As well as all of the above...

  • Proven & structured processSimply Do Ideas' idea-development process is the result of strong experience and research.
  • Use everywhereUse Simply Do Ideas in the classNameroom and your users can continue to use it at home or when out and about.
  • Link to PHSESimply Do Ideas can be used to address sections of the PHSE curriculum.
  • Easy communicationsConduct one-to-one instant messages, group discussions, schedule announcements and configure automatic emails - all from within Simply Do Ideas.
  • Promote teamworkSimply Do Ideas can easily be customised to allow teams of groups of users to build a business idea together.
  • Improve presentation skillsPitching using Simply Do Ideas (and use of 'present mode') gives your users first-hand experience and practice with public-speaking and communicating their research and thoughts.
  • Personalised learning journeyYour users can build their early-stage business plans in any way they choose. Some may want to explain their ideas in lots of detail, whereas others may prefer to instead use more media (such as photos and videos). Simply Do Ideas has tools to encourage many approaches.
  • Teaching resourcesWe have a wealth of resources to further help in your enterprise educating. For example, our Concept Canvas, Concept Sheets, and presentations.
  • Build employabilityUse Simply Do Ideas as a basis to help encourage the enterprising mindset of your users, build their creativity, and increase their employability.
  • Address digital competencyUse of the Simply Do Ideas platform implicitly helps towards addressing and improving your users' digital competency and wellbeing in an online world.
  • Free help and supportWe have lots of videos, guides, and other resources to help get you started.
  • High availabilitySimply Do Ideas is available 24/7, and is optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.
  • Always up-to-dateLicence-holders always receive the very latest updates and features.
  • SecureWe're backed by AWS and user data is always stored securely within the EU. We have Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification and always use SSL where we can.

Nurtures Employability Skills

An enabling technology platform, offering opportunities for students to work in teams, to take initiative and develop leadership skills, the Simply Do Ideas software can be tailored to generate opportunities for entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship or simply building confidence.

We help equip students with key workplace skills.

  • Capacity for self-reflection
  • Ability to critique a situation and change direction
  • Ability to lead or perform in a team
  • Enhanced digital technology skills
  • An appreciation of brand and customer relationships
  • The application of data to real life scenarios
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Listening skills

Case study

Have a look at the case study below to find out how another institution has used Simply Do Ideas for competitions and embedded it within curriculum.

Christine Bissex

Head of EnterpriseThe College Merthyr Tydfil See case study