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March 20, 2018Simply Do Ideas secures £550,000 of investment through angel investors and the Development Bank of Wales.

In Insider Media

The Simply Do Ideas technology is unlocking entrepreneurial behaviours of individuals, organisations and communities bringing them together digitally, as crowdsourcing offers solutions to business challenges across industry and academia. The investment will aid rapid market share growth and the shared experience of the investors will provide unparalleled support for the Company.

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September 26, 2017Simply Link is set to revolutionise how commercial organisations and universities work together.

In University of South Wales Exchange

Simply Do Ideas' new platform will enable SMEs, third sector organisations and charities to ask for assistance from students across university-wide courses via an online platform. The challenges that businesses post will be assigned to an entrepreneurial team based at the University to assess, analyse and advise businesses.

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April 13, 2017We Must Realise The Entrepreneurial Potential Of Every Young Person

Lee Sharma, writing for Huffington Post

In this article Lee discusses the importance of enterprise education and encouraging entrepreneurship in young people.

He goes on to talk about the role that higher and further educational institutions might play in this field going forward, and the responsibilities they have to ensure their students are equipped to face the ever-changing marketplace.

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April 13, 2017Mobile: Opportunity that educators can't ignore

Lee Sharma, writing for Smartchimps

"Mobile technology has grown exponentially. Smartphone ownership has reached record levels with 91% of 18 to 44 year olds owning a mobile phone [Deloitte 2016]. But a mobile is not a must-have accessory; it's an integral part of young people's lives."

Lee Sharma writes about how mobile technology can be integrated into everyday education.

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March 8, 2017Sector Response to the Chancellor's Spring Budget: Lee Sharma Comments

Lee Sharma's comments in FE News

FE News covered a sector response to the 2017 Spring Budget:

With the Chancellor's pledge to raise investment in schools to £10 billion and set aside £300m to support new PhDs and STEM subjects and a further £270m for new and disruptive technologies, [in this article] are comments from the sector on the importance of skills and education and the role they will play in the future UK econmy.

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March 6, 2017Centre for Entrepreneurship Plays Pivotal Role in Launching Graduate Business

Cardiff Metropolitan University news

Simply Do Ideas has been helping graduates at Cardiff Metropolitan University's Centre for Entrepreneurship to launch their own businesses.

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February 15, 2017Simply Do Ideas in University Business, 'helping create entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of the future'

University Business magazine - pp. 65-66

Simply Do Ideas is a new edtech disruptor founded in 2015. The online platform is used by universities to help turn students' entrepreneurial ideas into a viable business plan.

'Simply Do Ideas facilitates the process between a raw idea and developing a market-ready business plan,' says founder Lee Sharma. 'It's nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship and instilling practical business skills throughout the learning process - helping create entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of the future'.

The first platform of its kind, Simply Do Ideas, is already being used at universities across the UK, including Cardiff Metropolitan University, Birkbeck University of London and The Open University.

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February 6, 2017Why I Brought My Start-Up Back Down To Earth

Lee Sharma, writing for Minutehack

'There's nothing like that moment when a new idea is born. Whether it's a bolt out of the blue or a flash of inspiration after years of failed attempts; you know that's the true moment you're about to become an entrepreneur and be behind the next big thing. The problems start when you want to take that spark and try convert others to back you. Those that are about to part with their cold hard cash, whether banks or investors, are firmly in the driving seat and need more than your enthusiasm. They need selling to. They need numbers. And they need it presented to them their way.'

Simply Do Ideas's CEO, Lee Sharma, shares how to build the confidence to present great ideas in a way that will influence others.

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January 24, 2017Why tackling tough problems from personal experience is key to startup success

Alison Coleman, Forbes

'Startups can fail for many reasons: a lack of cash, a loss of focus, but the number one reason is that their founders have committed the cardinal error of building a solution to tackle a problem that has no real market need, according to CB Insights research.'

Our CEO, Lee Sharma, explains how the ability to identify real issues and create effective solutions, often based on personal experience, may be the best way to generate successful businesses.

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