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Solve strategic organisational challenges by unlocking early-stage ideas from employees and partners who know the business best

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Bridge stakeholders and open previously untapped ideas, resources and solutions

Set company wide challenges and track progress of submitted solutions with 24/7 access across desktop, tablet and mobile with our easy to access administration accounts.

Drive bottom-up business solutions with our idea management platform by creatively engaging your teams. Using our agile framework, one which has been rigorously tested academically and included in the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework as best practice for entrepreneurial learning, your employees will grow in confidence and believe in the value of their own ideas.

Our platform is commonly used to enhance customer or supplier experience, deliver new products or services and increase sales revenue, lets see what it can do for you.

Large organisations
  • Collaborate across departmentsManaging the risks of ideation and innovation more effectively.
  • Streamline productionAccelerated time to market of new and/or improved products/services.
  • Improve well beingIncreasing belief that innovation is valuable and achievable.
  • Reach targets quickerIncreased productivity and operational efficiencies.

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